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Experience Something New

Solo Performance

Noriko’s solo shows are captivating. It is not often that a single performance is deeply traditional, entertainingly quirky and refreshingly new.  
A standout at every festival and event she has played, Noriko delivers an authentic experience that stays with each member of the audience long after.


Noriko’s workshops, whether at schools or functions are a cultural and educational feast. Along with clear explanations into the Shamisen itself, each piece of music is accompanied by a story that paints a vivid picture to the audience. Audience interaction and participation is included which provides a unique experience every time and continually results in ongoing recommendations.


Artistic collaborations are innovative, progressive and special.
Noriko has collaborated with such a diverse range of musicians from Bob Sedergreen, Ash Grunwald, Dave Faulkner, Jeff Lang, Adam Simmons, Gerry Hale, Oisima, Hiro Hayashida as well as the great late Chris Wilson.  
With each collaboration Noriko brings a unique element that continues to move well past the traditional. Noriko has also performed on national and international TV shows, theatre productions and providing music for short film and commercials.

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